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Why Do People Click on Your Links?

If you are looking at using a link tree for your social media website field, this post is for you.

Link extenders are extremely helpful, especially if you have multiple campaigns running at once. However, there is one aspect of a link extender that is not helpful which is the added step your audience has to take to get where you want them to get.

When marketing a product, we want to reduce as many barriers to entry as we possibly can because people are lazy and are not likely to significantly disrupt their days because you asked them to.

So why do people click on your links?

People click on your link because the link offers a specific solution to a specific problem that person is looking to solve.

That means to get someone to click, you need to have a call to action that narrowly caters to your target audience.

For example: The type of person who would click on my link when I say "Read my newest blog" is likely different than the ones that would click on a CTA like "Create higher converting copy for your Instagram bio"

And although I love and appreciate the people in my life who just want to see what I am writing, they will not help me meet my business goals in the same way a lead will.

Website traffic is great, but like all metrics, if the right people are not going to the right place with the right intentions, that traffic just feels good.

How does this relate to link extenders?

Link extenders can make your CTAs convoluted and give people way too many options.

The solution? Use outcome/solution based CTAs in the name space for your link.

Using action verbs in your CTA makes it crystal clear what you want your audience to do. The clear languages will also lead to a higher percentage of those who click on your link being a part of your target audience.

Personally, I see no problem using a link extender on Instagram. Just keep in mind that if you have one thing that is more important than the rest, you may want to only use that link, or at a minimum, keep the link for it at the top of your page with a a strong, specific call to action so your audience knows what to do.


People click on your links because they believe what is on that next page will help solve a problem they are having. If you want to increase your clicks, get specific with your CTA.

Thank you for sticking around and reading my blog. If you are interested in learning how to leverage Instagram strategically to grow your business without overwhelming yourself, book a discovery call with me!

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