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Sell Value, Not a Service

Yesterday I had a fantastic coffee meeting with an aspiring photographer. He is almost finished with photography school and is ready to start building his business.

Photography is an incredibly valuable skill, especially when it comes to branding and marketing. BUT it is only valuable if you can convince your client of the value.

For example, let's say you specialize in lifestyle photography. There is a finite amount that most people will pay to be followed around with a camera for Instagram photos.

But what if you up the value?

Instead of capturing lifestyle moments on an individual level, what if you could create brand assets that can be used for a variety of marketing materials. Instead of putting yourself in the position where you are pricing the service for time or items produced, you can price based on value.

A great brand shoot that shows the personality of your brand, represents your services, and speaks to an audience gives you a plethora of marketing opportunities.

Think updated website photos, blog photos, social media images, newsletter images, billboard images, and magazine/advertisement assets. Authentic photos are far more compelling than stock photos.

Don't sell yourself short by ignoring the part you play in helping another person or business reach their goals.

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