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How to Visit Miami Beach for Less than $1000

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Traveling is expensive, but I love to do it. Here's how a friend and I went to Miami Beach for 5 nights and only spent a grand.

The Hotel

First things first, where do we stay? Using Booking.com I managed to book a hotel half a block away from the beach. We stayed for five nights and it cost less than $550 after taxes. The hotel was our biggest expense, but breakfast was included.


After booking the hotel, we had to get all the way to Miami Beach from Elon, NC. We decided to drive because it was cost efficient and flexible. The only issue was parking, but if you are willing to walk a little bit (less than 3-4 blocks), there are plenty of garages that will keep your car for $1/hr and $20/day. Gas ended up costing around $170, which is much less than two airline tickets. This is especially true considering we decided to go only one week in advance.


For meals, we only had to cover lunch and dinner while we were in Miami, but we did stop for breakfast in Daytona Beach on the drive down. We also stopped at Chick fil a on the drive back to NC. We googled "Cheap Eats Miami" to find inexpensive restaurants. Our favorite was Alma Mexicana. They have delicious tacos (4 for $12) and a smothered burrito plate that is HUGE (~$11 after tax). We did buy their Piña which was amazing but also cost around $4 with no refills (I think it was worth it). Meals were less expensive for us because we are not 21, so we did not buy anything with alcohol.

We also stopped at La Sandwicherie which was crowded and cost $10 for a sandwich, but was really good.

Make sure to go grocery shopping for drinks. They will be far cheaper than buying something in store or ordering it.


Because we were working on a budget, we looked up things to do in Miami for free. This was actually very lucrative. We found a few flea markets and some food trucks. The food trucks ended up costing $50+ but it was great to watch the sunset while eating grilled cheeses, chinese food, tacos and churros. I really enjoyed going to Little Haiti and seeing some of the art work and small/local brands that were unique.

We also went to Häagen-Dazs, a rolled ice cream place and we drove to Fort Lauderdale to spend time with some friends. You don't always need luxury and money to enjoy a vacation. The internet is a great way to find inexpensive yet fun activities.


Housing: $550

Gas: $166

Food: $180

Parking $100


Total: $996

*small extras such as groceries for a soda or snacks included in rounding for food and housing*

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