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Graphic Design: Orgonite Dreamland

This semester, I created a logo for my friend's new business. Orgonite Dreamland is a business that sells Orgonite. Orgonite is a combination of metal, resin, and quartz crystals that scrub EMF energy into positive orgon (also known as chi).

In order to create this logo, I needed to know the message of the company and its values. The business owner and I had several meetings where we discussed the purpose of the product and the need the business wanted to fill.

The business owner wanted her brand to be trustworthy, elegant (but not too luxurious), friendly, and open. I wanted to incorporate the crystals used in her products into the logo. She also used three dominate shapes to create her pieces: circles, triangles, and squares. With this in mind, I started creating drafts for the outline of the logo.

The rough sketches above do not necessarily look anything like the final product. I originally got a bit caught up trying to incorporate the name of the company in to the logo -- something I did not need to do! The image to the left shows my attempt to put a crystal into an O and D to represent the companies name. However, it ended up working better to put the name under the logo and just use the symbols that represent what the company sells.

To create a color scheme for the logo, I had to dig deeper into the origins of the company and what need the aim to fulfill. I ended up deciding on a blue color scheme that had green undertones because it has a calming, trusting effect. Bright red wouldn't have fit with her brand's personality at all. Pink would have been too feminine. I tried a purple, but in the end my friend made the decision that she liked the blue the best.

Overall I enjoyed making this logo for Orgonite Dreamland. It was a fun challenge because I had not created a logo for a brand before. The key takeaway that I got from this project was to get to know the company if you are designing a logo for them. A lot of the time when I do not like a company's logo, it is because the logo does not give me the same "vibe" as the organization -- or it has really bad typography, but that's a whole other post.

Thank you for reading about my graphic design experience with Orgonite Dreamland, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

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