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Friday Art Roundup #9

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

This week I did not have much time to create new artwork because we are still in the process of moving. And when I say in the process, I mean hurridly trying to get everything out of the apartment and into the house before our lease goes up. Oops.

Either way, I would have had a hard time not creating anything at all this week, so I started working on touching up my paintings.

Sometimes when I do an acrylic pour, the paint doesn't quite get all of the canvas, and I don't want to stretch it any further for fear of messing up what I have already done. In that case, I come back after the paintings are dry to touch them up and hide the white canvas.

Here is what that looked like for me this week:

I will be going back over for a final coat (and maybe a slight color change) before finishing them up.

Thank you for checking out my weekly Friday Art Roundup and I look forward to checking in again next week!

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