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Friday Art Roundup #4

This week I finally got to do some acrylic pouring again after setting up a temporary art studio. Unfortunately, it's a little too cold and humid in there for my art to dry and leaving the heater on when I'm not there is a fire hazard, so I cannot show you the dry finish. However, I'm still excited and grateful to be painting again.

The first painting is done with the flip cup technique. (You can see it pre-stretch in picture 3)

For the stripped one, I poured white fluid acrylic across the entire canvas. Then I dipped my popsicle stick in different colors and pulled it across the canvas. The mix had Floetrol in it so the lines have cells.

The other canvas is supposed to be floral. I poured layered puddles of color and blew them out like flowers. Boy did it take my breath away -- literally.

The last photo is of me prepping my canvas. Right now, I just stick pushpins in the wood so that the canvas is elevated. Trying to prop it up evenly on cups every time you tilt is just annoying.

I also got to practice some hand lettering. I wanted to try out a new retro style.

Thank you for checking out my Friday Art Roundup, and I look forward to seeing you next week!

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