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Friday Art Roundup #12

In case you forgot with everything that is going on, this week is Pride Month! This week I created rainbow canvases to recognize and celebrate LGBTQ pride.

These paintings are drying which is why some of the same colors look like different shades. I did a live stream while creating them, which is why I do not have more in progress shots. If you would like to see the live streams, visit my Instagram.

1. Split Color Rainbow

The techniques I used for these paintings were both new to me. This first one was a split background that I then used a blow dryer to blow out.

2. Rainbow Canvas

My second painting was not planned out like the first one. I accidentally mixed too much paint and did not want to waste it, so I poured it out in rows and blew it out with a blow dryer. I love how bright this one turned out and the little cells that are created when you use a straw, blow, or use a blow dryer.

Thank you for checking out my Friday Art Roundup and I look forward to sharing with you all again soon!

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