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Friday Art Roundup

This week I decided to start doing a weekly art roundup of the pieces I created this week. I try to draw, paint, or work on a piece of art every day. It makes me happy, but it also helps improve my skills.

Without further ado, let's get to the art!

#1 My Home is Not Your Trashcan

This week I created a digital painting of a dolphin picketing a beach. We pollute our oceans constantly, and most of us don't care. But Dolphins definitely do.

#2 Tranquil Mountains

I've been spending a bit more time in nature recently, so I decided to create this mountain scene with relaxing colors.

#3 Dog Doing Yoga

This last illustration is of a dog doing yoga. It was just an idea that I thought would be cute! I'm hoping to turn it into a series, so we will see how it goes.

#4 Black and White Symmetrical Flower

I used the symmetry tool in procreate to draw this black and white flower.

#5 Dog Doing Yoga 2

This drawing is similar to the previous Dog Doing Yoga image. However, this time I used more contrast and a brown dog that stands out from the other colors.

That concludes this week's roundup! I hope y'all enjoyed my art, and I look forward to sharing again next week.

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