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3 Tips for Creating Shareable Content: Service niches

One of the best ways to reliably go "viral" is to create content that is highly shareable... but what does that mean?

That means creating content that someone looks at and goes "you know, X may really like this."

All shareable content provides value to the consumer. Here are three tips for providing value:

#1 Create Content that is Entertaining

People want to be entertained. A laugh, smile, internal giggle -- these are all results of entertainment that are valuable. And your viewer wants other people to think they are funny, interesting, etc so they will want to share content that made them laugh as it will make others do the same.

#2 Your Content Should Inspire

Motivate people to be the best versions of themselves. Give them goals to aspire to. As someone in the service industry, you should help inspire people to achieve what you aim to help them achieve.

#3 Educate Your Audience

Educational content is not the most "fun" content out there but it is the most straightforward when it comes to providing value to your audience. Teach what you know to establish credibility -- but teach it in a way that is either entertaining or inspiration. (I recommend using short form video to teach anything too complicated)

Creating shareable content is easy!

Think about who your ideal client is and share what you think will help them, or even better, ask them what they want to see.

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