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3 Female Creatives Who Inspire Me

Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is a day where we celebrate women — and the push towards equality. One way I want to honor women this year is to recognize female artists, designers, and creatives who have inspired me.

3 Female Creatives Who Inspire Me

Dina Rodriquez — Letter Shoppe

Dina is one of the first female artists I started following on Instagram. Her work is beautiful, but her attitude, creativity, and message are even better. When you look at her work, you will see body positivity and promotions for taking care of your mental health — something we all need. I’ve never met Dina, but between her podcast, TikTok, Instagram, Newsletter, and Twitter I like to think that I get a good picture of her has a strong woman who advocates for others.

Elise Gammon — Elise Gammon

Elise is one of my best friends from college and is majoring in Cinema & Television arts with a minor in creative writing. She is a fierce feminist with a mind towards the creative. You won’t get a better conversation than one with her.

Victoria Rodriguez — Orgonite Dreamland

Victoria is another one of my closest friends. She is the first person who took a chance on my art/design skills for her small businesses. Now, Victoria runs a small Orgonite business where she creates handmade pieces of Orgonite and is constantly expanding to incorporate different shapes, sizes, and colors in her art while maintaining its spiritual effectiveness.

Although giving these ladies a shout out is fun to do, I really encourage each of you to take a look at their websites and support them along their creative journey.

If you’ve checked out all Dina, Elise, and Victoria’s work and are still looking for more, you can check out my work.

You can find me here:

Instagram: @lizannbach and @lizannbachcreative

Facebook: @lizannbachcreative

Twitter: @lizannbach

I look forward to seeing all of y’all around soon!


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